About ME

I am Connie Benwitt and am an artist living in the West Village. I use watercolors to paint my three favorite subjects - Christmas, animals and flowers.

I grew up in Seattle until 1968 when I moved to New York as a Stewardess for Pan American. After traveling the world for 13 years, I joined a major newsprint company as a customer service manager for 20 years. During all that time, I continued to draw and paint.

My husband, Robert and I loved painting together during our 45-year marriage. When he passed away in May 2017, I embraced what we shared to pursue art full time.

I specialize in painting pet portraits from photos and flowers for greeting cards, as well as hand-made Christmas cards.  I also paint larger floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. All of my work is original and signed.

In December 2017 I was delighted to do a pop-up for my art at the beautiful new Pottery Barn in the Flat Iron District in Manhattan.

And I am honored to be asked to paint the winner of America’s Top Dog Model Contest in 2019, Moto Girl. I also painted the 2018 winner, Marvelous Missie.

Please join me on Instagram at: instagram.com/conniebenwittart.

Selfie with me and Jessica.

Selfie with me and Jessica.